Stirring Slumbering Souls: 250 Eucharistic Reflections



Stirring Slumbering Souls: 250 Eucharistic Reflections

by Mr. Michael Seagriff O.P.

May our loving and waiting Lord use the 250 quotations in this book to increase belief in, reverence for, devotion to and love of His Eucharistic Presence, touch lukewarm hearts, stir slumbering souls, and re-ignite the flame of love for Him that He placed in our hearts the second He breathed life into them. Listen to Him speak as you read and ponder these truths. Take a close look at yourself. Recognize the many ways in which you offend Him daily. Feel His pain and anguish over being abandoned and ignored and treated irreverently Understand how thirsty He is for your love. Then love and treat Him as He deserves.


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